Starring Lucy Liu

Nómadas, starring the actress Lucy Liu:

Nómadas is a powerful drama about Susan (Lucy Liu) a woman filmmaker struggling with her father’s suicide. Due to recent events, she decides to take up subway suicides for the subject matter for her next film to help her find closure.


As she digs deeper into research for her film project for answers, she discovers she is unearthing more questions about herself, her family, her emotions, and her relationships. Her investigations take her to the lifestyles of some undocumented workers living and working in New York City illegally long for the American Dream...


As the debate heats up in Washington DC over immigration thanks in part to Donald Trump, join this riveting and powerful family drama, a must see film starring Lucy Liu the Emmy award winner from the hit show Elementary.


This journey raises the questions about what the American Dream really means to each of us.